hi,I hv finished my pg.diploma in dietetics & hospital food service, pursuing my m.sc in food and nutrition. I wish to work in o

Congratulation on your achievement!!

Now that you have completed you PG and pursuing M.sc too, you can look at job opportunities in the field.

You can look at opportunities in :
1) Education : Schools, colleges and hospitals require people to conduct courses in nutrition and dietetics.

2) Food service:working in commercial sector like food manufacturing,catering services and restaurants where nutrition professionals can do anything from menu planning to meal preparation to promotion of the food products.

3) Health Care : This is one of the largest and well-known functions of nutrition in hospitals and clinics. Dieticians assist in treating patients with some big hospitals also providing scope for research, food administration, teaching etc. Information

4)Dissemination : This entails producing books, articles, promotions, television programmes on optimum dietary practices, since the present era is highly health-conscious.

5) Institutional Catering : Nutrition and dietetics professionals are needed to plan and prepare nutritious and well-balanced meals for schools, colleges, factories, offices, canteens etc.

6) Research & Development : R & D, as it is called, deals with conducting research projects on various food items to ensure welfare from both the commercial food services viewpoint, plus that of the health care provision.

7) Social Welfare : Run by governmental organizations, this section is busy in improving the eating habits and consequently, the health of the less-fortunate groups in society