Niki BararJun 24, 2011
If I want to start a business how do I approach a VC? Know any good VC's in India? I have a business...
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Aarushi Sharma - hello....if u have to do business u have to be brave...caluculated and very organised. practise these few questions very well before u approach investors...
•How will the money be used?
•How will the money be repaid?
•What sort of collateral will back the loan?
•Are you trustworthy?
•Do you have experience and background necessary for your type of business?
•Do your management staff and key employees have required experience and background?
•What are the long-term prospects of your business?
Jun 24, 2011

Zinc Magnesium - ur welcome niki...also
Stress your capabilities and those of the management team. VC’s often base their decisions on the fact that they are investing in you instead of your business.

Knowing the VC before he/she receives the proposal is a definite must! Try to get an introduction through a lawyer, accountant or other contact.

Jun 24, 2011

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