m.karthigaApr 22, 2012
how can i get application for medical collage in uk?
Studyabroad Counselor Studyabroad - Applications for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
(BM, BS) should
be made through UCAS by *15 October of the previous
year of Intake.*

You should apply to no more than 4 medical or dental degree programmes

You have to appear for the UKCAT entrance test-

Details of UKCAT is mentioned below-

The test assesses a range of mental abilities identified by university
Medical and Dental Schools as important. There is no curriculum content as
the test examines innate skills. Each subtest is in a multiple-choice
format and is separately timed.

For candidates sitting the examination in summer 2012, the UKCAT will

• *Verbal reasoning *- asseses logical thinking and reasoning about
written information.

• *Quantitative reasoning *- assesses ability to solve numerical

• *Abstract reasoning *- assesses the use of convergent and
divergent thinking to infer relationships from information.

• *Decision analysis *- assesses the ability,in complex, ambiguous
situations, to deal with various forms of information, infer relationships,
make informed judgements, and decide on an appropriate response.

• *Situational judgement test* - assesses judgement regarding
situations encountered in the workplace.

There are two versions of UKCAT: the standard UKCAT and the UKCATSEN
(Special Educational Needs). The UKCATSEN is a longer version of the UKCAT
intended for candidates who require additional time due to a documented
medical condition or disability. The timings of the two tests are detailed

For further details- check http://www.ukcat.ac.uk/

May 02, 2012

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