kamlendraDec 06, 2011
how could i become a scientist?
YoungBuzz Counselor - Hi Kamlendra.Apart from being a profession, being a scientist means your passion to study science, and to understand and analyse the facts. It not only requires thorough study of the subject but also a lot of exploration and the urge to invent something for the betterment of the human civilization.

Careers related to science can be an ideal choice for you if you enjoy research and have a curious bent of mind.

In order to become a successful scientist, you will need to take up science till XII, wherein you will be studying physics,chemistry,biology,math,computer science etc.
While you do this you will also need to understand your work values, as science requires a lot of dedication,capacity to concentrate and ability to process thoughts and experiences quickly. You need to work independently too,at time without any guidance.
After XII you will need to get a bachelors in the specialization that you like. The sooner you choose a field, the more accurate your choice of subjects will be.
Bachelors is the minimum requirement for most employment at research facilities, although many also require a master’s degree or even a PhD.

Even after completion of your PhD you will need to have a desire to study further and need to be abreast with the latest developments in your field.

This will help you deal with the competition and achieve a better position.

Hope this helps.
Do write to us for further clarifications.

All the best, Kamlendra!
Dec 09, 2011

YoungBuzz Counselor - Kamlendra, do let us know what are you currently doing too. If you have not yet selected your specialization its advisable that you take the career test on http://www.youngbuzz.com/career-assessment/role-assessment-career-counselling

This test will help you know yourself better in terms of your interest,aptitudes and personality. This will give you an idea of your strengths and development areas,if you are considering 'scientist' as a career option.

Kindly revert.
Dec 09, 2011

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