How do I become a fashion photographer? What is the degree requirement? What are the opportunities in the field and the compensa

Working in fashion photography, you will help fashion designers market their clothing to the public. You'll create a visual story that sparks interest in new styles and trends.

As a fashion photographer, you may be self-employed or do freelance work. You may also find employment opportunities with magazines or clothing retailers.

As a fashion photographer you will need to have artistic sensibility, technical skill, organizational ability, team work.

TO start with you can earn from anywhere between Rs.30,ooo to Rs.50,000 per month. Its totally depends on factors like the brand/company you are working for,the kind of assignment etc.

To read more about the career in photography-its career map,career scope etc- log on tohttp://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/careerdetail/photography

Hope this helps.