How easy is it to follow your dream?

Coleen Zaffar Hai - Executive Assitant Director (Retired) - Inflight Services shares her experiences.

Actually, it was my dream to be an air hostess. In fact, in my school autograph book I had written that I wanted to be an airhostess. But when I told my relatives about it they said I'd never make it and that to be an airhostess you need to be extremely beautiful and all that. So as soon as I finished my senior Cambridge from Convent of Jesus and Mary, Pune, I came to Bombay and applied to Air India. This was in 1962. My first interview was interview with the Chief Airhostess and Chief Purser. After about two weeks I was called for an interview with Bobby Kooker, the man who introduced the Maharaja as the symbol of Air India. He was a tough taskmaster and made me walk, talk, questioned me on family background and why I wanted to join the airlines.