Jagriti SharmaMar 28, 2011

I am interested in study electronics and telecommunication at undergrad level? Does it have sc...

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Aqua Phina - Yeah seriously...........it's disgusting!!!!!

I had a couple of my friends who went to Australia for their

studies.......in fact some of them were there whn ths racism

thingy was going on......and believe me most of them told

me 70%of it was nothing but media hype..............!!!!!!Seriously....the australian gov needs to

take serious steps to stop this crap from spreading like this!
Apr 18, 2011

Rashida Nagpurwala - Before applying to the university I gathered extensive information on Australian universities and the courses they offered and tired to find out which university is best in which field of study. One part of the research involved some research through websites which included universities websites and the best universities guide. I applied my visa myself I did not go through any agent to do that which was bit difficult but I got to know a lot about it.

Apr 19, 2011

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