AkshataDec 31, 2011
I am in 10th. I wanna become a dj. Can you suggest what all i have to do right after my 10th ?
YoungBuzz Counselor - Akshata, a disc jockey, commonly known as a DJ, is a person who entertains the crowd of a discotheque, party, or an event by playing lively and energetic music.No specific courses are designed for learning the tricks and techniques required for becoming a disc jockey. Anyone with good sense of popular genres of music and excellent communication skills can build a career in disc jockeying.The demand for disc jockeys is on the rise, considering the increasing passion for organizing luxurious and flaunting events.
Nevertheless, there are a few institutes offering specialized courses in disc jockeying. They are: Splinters DJ School, Mumbai; Azaredo Acoustics, Mumbai; Spin Gurus DJ & Remixing Academy, New Delhi; Panache The DJ School, Hyderabad; and DJ Training Academy, Ahmedabad.

Its advisable that you also think about the main stream career along with this. And while you do that you can take DJ-ing as a hobby.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to write back for further queries.

All the best Akshata!

Jan 02, 2012

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