sailyNov 02, 2012
i am in 11th and i hv taken arts because i don t want maths at all and i am confused to which field ...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Dear Saily,

Arts is not just drawing there are many other career options within Arts like Psychologist , Economist , Linguist , Philosopher, Literature, Historian , Teaching ,Social work , etc. You can think of Law, Hotel Management , Travel & Tourism , Mass Media : Journalism , Advertising , Public Relations.
- There are wide variety of options but to clear your doubt I would recommend you to take up Youngbuzz career Assessment test which sees you Interest , Aptitude and personality . Based on the result we will recommend your top 3 Career Recommendations.

- To take the test you can click on this link : http://www.youngbuzz.com/career-assessment/role-assessment-career-counselling

Wishing you all the best!
Nov 15, 2012

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