HussainFeb 02, 2012
I am 22 years old & have completed my CA, i would like you to help me with your expert knowledge as ...
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Parth Sharma - CS or LLB or CWA
Feb 05, 2012

YoungBuzz Counselor - Hussain, congratulations on your achievement! With CA you can consider options like CS, CWA, CFA, Law etc nevertheless, MBA-Finance is one of the lethal combination.
There are students who after their CA get in the filed and try and gather some substantial work-experience. On the other hand there are a few who after CA immediately take up MBA.
It totally depends on how you wish to take it up.
The first option of CA+work Ex.+MBA, is a better one as that gives you an edge over the others.
Hope this helps.
Do write for further queries.
All the best, Hussain!
Feb 07, 2012

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