PRATIKSHA Mar 11, 2012
I am appearing in12th 2012.want to get admission in cambridge university in 5 years law degree.let m...
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YoungBuzz Studyabroad Counselor - Dear Pratiksha,

Kindly let us know from which country are you keen to pursue your PHD from?
Foe Ex-Following degrees options are available in US
PharmD – The doctor of pharmacy is for those who want to become a pharmacist. The PharmD is a professional degree similar to the doctor of medicine (MD) for physicians or a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) for dentists.
2 years of Pre-requesite courses and 4 years to complete PharmD
Complete Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT).
Must take licensure exam to be a Pharmasist
PhD in Pharmacy – The PhD in pharmaceutical sciences program prepares tomorrow’s scientists for basic or clinical research. Our PhD program has four multidisciplinary concentrations that reflect our collaborative approach to science.
MS in Pharmacy – master of science in health system pharmacy, which prepares pharmacists for leadership positions in health care.
Residency Program – Pharmacy Residency is education a pharmacist can pursue beyond a PharmD.

You can check with- Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Mar 12, 2012

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