k.joshna raniOct 18, 2012
i am a fresher but a was so interested in dubbing,how to approach it,please tell me
YoungBuzz Counselor - Hello K.Joshana Rani,
Its great that you are i aware of what really interest you. Dubbing is a great career option for someone who has a rich voice and a good command over the language.
Dubbing can be taken up by anyone even a 19th std student there aren't any prerequisite for this career.
There is no degree or diploma available in this field but a number of certificate courses in voice over and dubbing are available. The duration of the course is one month.
Institutes offering this course are:
a. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
b.EMDI Institute, Mumbai
c.The Voice School, Mumbai
d.Desires and Destination, Mumbai
e.Livewars (career institute in broadcasting film), Mumbai
Oct 20, 2012

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