i am intrested in photography,i want to know career in photography?

Photography is a unique and creative medium of self-expression. It is an art form requiring aesthetic sense as well as technical expertise.Its a hobby that can be turned into a profession.

Being a creative medium, photography requires more of inherent talent for success than formal training. However training hones the inherent skills and help to shine in this competitive field with various specializations like portraiture, fashion and advertising photography, journalistic photography, wildlife and outdoors photography etc.

In India, you can find jobs in news papers, magazines, ad agencies or you can also work as a freelancer. Different government departments also recruit qualified photographers. There are many areas like Press photographers, Feature photography, Editorial Photographer , Fashion photography, and many more, which talented photographers can enter.

There are short term and regular degree courses in photography. For a career in photography , a degree in fine arts with photography as a optional subject is highly recommended.

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