I am Nisha Sood ,a Btech IT graduate(2010). I am Confused about career?

We understand with the kind of career options available and the kind of competition that everyone has to go through it is very confusing to make a wiser career decision.

Now that you say that you have completed your B.Tech (IT),its important that you find out job opportunities for yourself. Even if you dont decide to work right now, try floating your resume on the major job portals. You will at least get a feel of what is open for you.While you do that also keep in mind that you will at some point in time team your bachelors with masters either a M.Tech/M.E or MBA in order to get better opportunities.

You will also at the same time think about your interests and personality while you give a thought to all the different departments in IT. You will find opportunities in :
1) Hardware - manufacturing,maintenance,R&D,management etc

2) Software - data entry,coder,application programmers,computer operations, support services, data administration etc

Hope this helps you get an idea about what you can expect with a career in IT.