Kshitij Mittal Jan 21, 2012
I am pursuing B.Com Hons (3rd Year) from Delhi University. Recently i was recruited by Ernst & Young...
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Sameer Patel - I think that depends on you individually Kshitij. I was in the same boat and decided to work. I thought it made my MBA more productive. Don't know why everyone is in such a hurry for the "higher package". We got our whole lives to make money...
Jan 24, 2012

YoungBuzz Counselor - If you would like to go with the job then its advisable that you take it up, and convince your parents about. Your parents worry must be that once you take up a job it will be very difficult for you to come back to studies. Hence assure them that you will complete your education with an MBA and all should be fine.
Hope this helps.
Do let us know your final plan of action.
Kind regards.
Jan 25, 2012

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