I am studying in 12th standard in bvm nagpur....i have an affinity for things that involve logic,planning,organinzing,writing an

With so much of career options available these days its very important that one wisely chooses a right fit,which will help in utilizing ones potential to the fullest.

If you are already preparing for engineering entrances give it your best.

You can consider following options,with chemistry:
*chemical engineering

And with math you can consider options like:
*acturial sciences

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Nevertheless, your ability to plan,organize,write,talk can be utilized if you get into a management course, which will help you utilize these skills. And a course in management can be done at your post-graduation too.

In order to resolve this dilemma of the right career option you can also opt to give the career tests on

This will help you in knowing your exact interests (likes/dislikes), aptitudes (potentials) and personality (work-values)
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Hope this helps.