I am thinking of pursuing law. I have herad about marine law and environmental law, could you please help me with this issue?

Hay Dhruv,

Legal profession is a fast growing, lucrative and the most respected career in India today.To pursue a career in law, one needs to pursue professional law courses. There are a number of institutes and universities in India that offer law courses. One could specialize into one of the various arms of law such as: corporation law, civil law, criminal law, and international law, labor law,environmental law, patent law, tax law and so on.

The eligibility to pursue LLB is 10+2. You have to appear for LSAt in order to be eligible for the law course.Course duration is 3-5 years and for a PG programme in law, the eligibility is LLB degree. Duration of LLM is two years. Once you pursue a course in law, you can opt for employment in different courts of law, in government service, as a law teacher, as a legal advisor to a company or a business house. One could also practice privately as a legal advisors advocate, solicitor etc.

TO talk about marine lawyer,his job is to provide assistance to the clients who get injured at sea. For all the personal injuries such as slips and falls, broken bones, passenger ferry injuries, falling overboard etc, a marine lawyer help... his clients getting compensation. To know more about environmental law log on to http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/careerdetail/career-lawyer

Hope this helps.

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