cookieDec 11, 2011
i hav completed ma BSC in micro/chem/bichem.. i wanna do MSC microbiology.. which field has more sc...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Dear Cookie. If you are considering Microbiology, then its important certainly cant be emphasized. Our society benefits so much from the microorganisms. They are necessary for the production of bread, cheese, beer, antibiotics, vaccines, vitamins, enzymes and many other important products. Biotechnology depends on the foundation of microbiology.

Due to large pharmaceutical companies making home in India there is an employment opportunity in the area of research,analytical development and clinical research and in new drugs discovery.

You can consider getting in to teaching, research and development, and clinical research after your masters.

A PhD would work wonders though.

Hope this helps.
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Do write to us for further clarifications.

All the best,Cookie!
Dec 12, 2011

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