I have completed my PG in anthropology. Is there any career in it in India ?

Congratulations on your achievement!

As you must be aware there are different specializations that one can consider like Socio-cultural Anthropology, Prehistoric Anthropology or Archaeology, Physical or Biological Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology and Applied Anthropology.

You can find employment in academics, at various universities/institutes, or conduct research at organisations like the Archaeological Survey of India, the WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF etc. You can always work with NGOs working in under-developed areas. The other interesting career opportunity can be in corporate houses in the Human Resource Development sector as anthropologists can balance the relation between society and industry.

There are employment opportunities in museums, art galleries, libraries, archives, and also as curators, linguists, social workers, tour guides, in publishing houses and in social service organisations. Even forensic science departments and criminal investigation departments hire anthropologists.

The remuneration although varies widely across the profiles.

The career although has a lot of demand outside India.

Hope this helps.