I have a few further queries. 1) What technical skills do I need?

As a photographer you will be working with the extra effects and computer effects, so you will have to be good with those techniques.Moreover you need to also have a broad understanding about the technical elements of photography that includes lighting, composition, sharpness and the latest photographic trends.

Fashion photography careers do not require aspirants to acquire a degree. This is because the skills required can be easily developed through apprenticeships. While an educational degree isn't necessary, fashion photographer aspirants have to build an impressive portfolio in order to find success in this trade. It is critical that fashion photographer professionals must be able to showcase their technical photographic skills, as well as distinct and creative perspective through their work portfolio. In addition to that, fashion photographer aspirants should also have their own professional style so that people in the fashion industry can easily recognize their work. Nonetheless, one can do away with 10th only.

Fashion photographer aspirants can develop their skills and artistic talents by volunteering in internship program or by becoming an apprentice of a well-known photographer.You will have to find that out from the institutes or the photographers that you get trained with.

Remember that competition in the fashion industry is very tight; therefore, you have to build a strong working foundation in order to penetrate the fashion market.

An ideal career path to fashion photography would look like this - Photographer's Assistant > Staff/Freelance Photographer > Photo Editor > Director of Photography

When we talk about work-life balance in this field its difficult to comment as it completely depends on the kinds of personality that you are. With fashion events it so happens that their schedules have no fixed time, so you might have to work at odd hours. If you are able to cope with it then it isnt a big hassle.

Hope this helps