i have interest as well as aptitude in maths and want to pursue in maths but dnt noe whethr i m capable of it or not?

When we talk about a career we need to know certain details before we make a final carer decision. And those details are interest,aptitude and personality. Interest is your like or dislike in a particular activity or a task. Aptitude is your ability to acquire certain skills while personality is your traits at work. This is what eactly the career test at YoungBuzz does. It tells you precisely what your interests, aptitudes and personality traits are. Log on to

to read more about the test.

There are a lot many career options in maths like finance, actuary, economics, statistics, research,etc. But before you decide one for yourself you need to know what each of it means. http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/career-options will give
you all that you need to know about the careers-what is it all about, its scope, remuneration, benefits, career map etc.

Its advisable that you go through the above links and then write to us.