I have send another message too actually I have 2 INTERESTS IN LIFE: COOKING AND ANIMALS, so, my parents are givin me the permis

We understand the kind of dilemma you and many others of your age go through, and hence we are here to help you out.

If you are considering veterinary science as one of the options then it requires you to give the CET. CET's basic requirement is that you need to have minimum 60% in your 12th boards.

As keeping pets is becoming a fad now, the demand for private veterinary clinics is on the rise in metropolitan cities. And similarly, there has been an unprecedented growth in the poultry sector and animal products' technology sector, resulting in an increased demand for veterinarians in different sectors of livestock and poultry.

To read more about the career log on to http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/careerdetail/veterinary-doctor

Some of the best colleges offering veterinary science are:
1.All India Institute Of Hygiene And Public Health, Kolkata, (West Bengal)
2. Chandra Shekar Azad University Of Agriculture And Technology, Kanpur,(Uttar Pradesh)
3. College Of Veterinary And Animal Science, Bikaner, (Rajasthan)
4. College Of Veterinary Science And Animal Husbandry, Jabalpur 482001,(Madhya Pradesh)
5. College Of Veterinary Science And Animal Science, Parbhani, (Maharashtra)
6. College Of Veterinary Science, Hyderabad, (Andhra Pradesh)
7. College Of Veterinary Science, Udaigiri, (Andhra Pradesh)
8. Gujarat College Of Veterinary Science And Animal Husbandry, Anand,(Gujarat)
9. Jawharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur, (Madhya Prades

Hope this helps.