I want to be a stock market analyst. Can you please list good institutes in India who provide stock training analyst courses.

Stock market analyst is usually called as the security analyst or research analyst. The field of securities is a discipline within financial services and security analysts ar The field of securities research is a discipline within the financial services industry. The job of the security analysts is tied to the stock market leading to an increase in hiring people and bear markets causing layoffs. They find employment opportunities in brokerage firms, securities firms, mutual and pension funds, investment banks, merchant banks etc. They can also start their own consultancies.

Securities analysts may be employed as Sell Side Analysts- such analysts work for broker-dealers and indirectly for broker dealer trading customers, or as Buy Side Analysts- who work for institutional investors such as funds, mutual funds, pension funds, proprietary trading operation of banks and brokers, endowments and insurance companies. Some also work as independent analysts, i.e they sell research to buy side or sell side firms and they themselves do not engage in securities transactions.

BIFM, NIPS are some of the best institutes offering courses in stock markets.

Hope this helps.