I want to pursue ms in electronics and telecom,so is it better to study in india or go abroad for MS?

When you say you are considering MS you must be in middle of your B.E or B.Tech. Studying abroad is a decision thats very subjective. Hence before you make a final decision you need to take into consideration a lot many thing like:
* Are you ready to earn and learn?
* Are you ready to stay away from your family and friends?
* Can your parents afford it?

Also while you take this decision understand what is your aim of studying abroad.There are usually 3 types:
1) Ones who want to study and come back home
2) Ones who want to study, work for a couple of years and then come back
3) Ones who want to settle abroad permanently.

Which one are you?

Hopefully these thoughts allow you to get a better perspective while considering the repercussions of studying abroad.

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