I want to take humanities.And my subjects i hope wud be pol science,psycology,english,web tech and sociology.What scope do i hav

Lets look at the subjects one-by-one.

Political science-Political Science graduate have large opportunities in social reengineering process in india, however merely graduate in political science would not make huge difference, you should either go for LLB or MA (Socialogy) or other such specialised courses, we (india) is fighting with so many social problems, and you can have a chance to work closely for those who actually need upliftment in life, so many coprorate people are leaving their cushy jobs and joining NGOs, you can also select civil services as your career option and political science can help you there too.

Psychology-The nature of work of a psychologist is influenced most by the areas of specialisation in the subject. They work in a number of different settings, including universities and colleges, primary and secondary schools, government agencies, private industry, hospitals, clinics, and private practices. They are also employed in social welfare organizations, research establishments, rehabilitation centres, prisons, child/ youth guidance centres, advertising industry and in a variety of other set-ups.

You can consider counseling psychology,social psychology,educational psychology,clinical psychology,industrial psychology,R&D etc.

English-A graduate in English may start his career as a translator/interpreter in media houses, research institutes, industrial houses and government agencies like Ministry of External Affairs and embassies of foreign countries. They can also work as tourist guides in tour and travel agencies or can work independently. There are also ample opportunities for linguists as online content writer, technical translators and decoders. They also can join various jobs available in the field of entertainment, public relation, mass communication, BPO's and KPO's. However, English language Graduates and Post Graduates can take up teaching in schools, colleges and universities. They also can start private tutorials and coaching
institutes for English language.

After you graduation you can consider any one among these and pursue a masters.

Hope this helps. Although I have tried and given a gist of the scope of each of the subjects its advisable that you log on to http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/careerprofile for more details like career map,career prospectus,remuneration and benefits.

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