I'am a commerce student, I have done my TYbcom and got 38 %. I'am very weak in maths and Accounts is also average... what career

While you say that you are weak at math and accounts, I am sure your are also stronger at something. SO first of all don't get disheartened, nobody is all perfect. Just that you will need to explore your strengths before you build on them.

Is there any specific reason why you have got a low score in your graduation?Is there anything apart from studies that you are interested in-any extracurricular activities or anything of that sort?

While we would like to know more about you, its also advisable that you take the career test which will help you know more about yourself,in terms of your interests and personality. After the test you will also be going through a career counseling session,wherein the career expert at YoungBuzz will help you understand your report and then discuss careers that you can
consider according to your reports.

You can also log on to http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/career-options to read up more about various careers.

Hope this helps.