Information on Biomedical Engineering?

Hi Srinibas,

Biomedical Engineering is a diverse field of engineering that integrates science, medicine and mathematics to solve biological and medical problems thereby making the world a healthier place to live. The challenges created by the diversity and complexity of living systems require creative, knowledgeable and imaginative people working in teams of physicians,

scientists, engineers and even business folk to monitor, restore and enhance normal body function. Biomedical Engineers require a solid foundation in a more traditional engineering discipline such as electrical, mechanical or chemical engineering.

There is a huge demand for biomedical engineers abroad. Clinical engineers who monitor and maintain the data bases of instrumentation and work with physicians to adapt instrumentation for the specific needs of the physicians and hospitals are most sought after in hospitals abroad. Rehabilitation Engineers who develop hardware and software computer adaptations provide cognitive aids to assist patients with memory impairment are also much sought after.

Hence Biomedical and allied fields are going to be the building blocks towards a developed nation. Hope this helps.

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