Sara DhavlaMar 25, 2011
What are the Ivy League colleges and why are they so called?
YoungBuzz Counselor - Ivy League is an athletic conference i.e a collection of sports teams of the following eight institutions, competing at the high school level
As time passed by these ivies came to be known just not only for their athletic achievements but for a common education philosophy as well which was characterized by:-
• High academic Standards
• Selectivity in admissions
• Social Elitism
-Ivies are all in the North-eastern region of U.S.A.
The eight institutions are namely-
Princeton univ.,
Yale univ.,
Harvard Univ.,
Dartmouth college,
Brown Univ.,
Cornell Univ.,
Columbia Univ.
University of Pennsylvania.
--All 8 Schools receive millions of dollars in Search Grants and other subsidies from federal and State govt.
Youngbuzz Counselor
Mar 25, 2011

Pranav Gandhi - Is it better to apply early decision in these colleges. Does it increase your chances of getting in? Usually when are the deadlines for early admission?
Mar 28, 2011

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