Sara DhavlaMar 30, 2011
After my class 10,I did a foundation in Arts.We have a family business in jewellery.Henc e i want to...
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Sara Dhavla - Can you give me some tips on the portfolio please.Thanks in advance!
Mar 30, 2011

YoungBuzz Counselor - Your portfolio should demonstrate the development of ideas that have originated in your own experience and research and progressed towards objects - ideally, objects that relate to the body in some way. Ideas, visual research and experimentation are more important at this stage than finished designs and can be shown in 2D work, or through material experimentation, 3D manipulation and the production of models and maquettes. It's important that the work you include reflects and demonstrates your thinking, initiative and personal commitment to a particular project or idea.
Youngbuzz Counsellor
Mar 30, 2011

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