Job Opportunities and Career Prospects

If you are really good, you could straight away land yourself a job with big guns like KPMG, Price water house Coopers, Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche etc and be a part of their army of consultants.

Alternatively, you could work in small and medium firms where you get more opportunities to handle entire projects.

If you like to be your own boss, you could even start off on your own. Your portfolio and contacts however remain central to your career growth.

Companies of all sorts and sizes are looking for ways to improve quality while reducing expenditure. Value for money is the watchword, for companies and customers alike. Thus there
is a great demand for management consultants in financial and organisational restructuring of firms. This could be in the form of downsizing, restructuring, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, etc.

Increasingly, consulting firms are being asked to carry out activities that companies no longer have the in-house staff to perform. These include market research, human resource planning, sales and strategic planning. Also government and government agencies will also be looking at consultants to help them with e-governance.