Job Opportunities and Career Prospects of a Choreographer

In choreography there are no jobs in the conventional sense of the word. Mostly you'll work on assignments on a contractual basis. So, in the beginning, you may get to work as an assistant to an established choreographer.

You can of course work on your own. Though it would take some time to establish your self in the market. In the meanwhile you can survive being a dance instructor in a dance school/training center.

In the film industry you may have to start at a basic amount but sky is virtually the limit.
That's as far as the money aspect goes. But the fringe benefits in this field far outnumber the monetary aspect. First of all you don't have to sweat it out at a gym to keep fit. Numerous dance rehearsals will do that for you. What's more, you might even get entry into college. Sajid Khan got into Mithibai College not on the basis of his scores but on the basis of his dance competition certificates!

Once you hit it big time, you get to travel. That's the best part of the job - to be able to see the world at the producer's cost, get people to dance on top of glaciers, go up in an air balloon, make exotic stop-overs.

You'll never feel like its work that you are doing. How can you? When life is all about song and dance!

Choreography, be it in films or music videos are fast catching on. Shiamak Davar won the Screen Videocon Award, the Lux Zee Cine and the prestigious National Award for his choreography in (Dil To Pagal Hai).

Opportunities for choreographers as a whole depend on the growth of the entertainment industry - mainly cinema, music and television.

The export potential of the Indian film industry and television industry is growing very fast. This means, we will see large investments in the industry. So in the passage of time there is going to be increased demand for choreographers and other professionals associated with the entertainment industry.