Job Opportunities and Career Prospects of a Medical Transcriptionist

You will get jobs in firms specialising in Medical Transcription business. Mostly you will be working in shifts and under contract. Medical transcription companies include Spryance India, Infovision Software, Acusis to name a few.

You can also work from home for an established Medical Transcriptionist on a part-time basis.

Health care is a rapidly growing field, and the demand for MT’s is increasing. By 2007-08 the employment created by medical transcription is projected to reach an astonishing 1,70,000 and the revenue generated by medical transcription would cross Rs. 9,000 crores!!!  Transcribers are especially in demand in hospitals where they have to prepare reports of comprehensive medical histories of patients. As transcribers are well versed with medical jargon, a job in the pharmaceutical industry is the next best option.

Other options include working for a medical journal, drug companies, health insurance firms, research foundations and other private institutions.

Familiarity with medical lingo provides scope for hospital administration. With the arrival of computers, one wouldn't be surprised if medical transcribers become successful consultants and software designers in the field of medical transcription.

A US estimate suggests that there are a total of over 67 billion lines of transcription done annually, in the US. And a large chunk of the market is actually going to be captured by the Indian companies. This is because of the three distinct advantages. Firstly, the time difference between India & US is almost 12 hours. Secondly, India has a large English speaking population. And thirdly, it is cheaper to get good Medial transcriptionists here.

MT services not only offers immense job opportunities but valuable foreign exchange too. It falls under a category called IT-enabled services. Even a majority of the State Governments in India is offering incentives and infrastructure for setting up these services. The Central Government has also provided Income Tax exemption to profits from export of these services.