Job Opportunities and Career Prospects of a Model

Did we tell you that modelling is not a job? Well, it's a lifestyle. You could start off as a freelancer. It therefore, becomes very important that you make and maintain the right contacts.

Your clients would include:
• Advertising Agencies
• Corporate Film Makers
• Film Producers
• TV Programme Makers
• Event Organisers
• International Agencies
• Fashion Designers & Institutes
• Music video makers

Modelling is a short-lived career and not a steady one. You must have the ability to reinvent yourself. Most models pursue a second line of interest, which they could fall back on later stage. Take Gautam Kapoor for instance, who launched his own line of clothing by the brand name Gomzi. Or Meher Jesia who launched her own model co-coordinating agency called Face One. Of course you could choose the next best option of joining Bollywood, which seems to be the trend now.

Winners of beauty contests, in particular the Miss India contest, are also expected to sign a contract with the sponsoring company as a part of their acceptance of the title and thus have their careers laid out for them.

For a good break you got to have a strong portfolio of pictures in various moods and outfits. Consider this as a sound investment, as its quality can make or break your career.

And last but not the least, never ever take rejection as failure. If one client rejects you there will be ten others who would want you to work with you. Keep trying and never give up. Follow your instincts.