Job Opportunities and Career Prospects for a Musician

There are openings for talented and qualified artistes in radio, television and government departments of culture. Appointments are based on auditions and screen tests, as well as qualifications. There is plenty of scope in private channels.

Opportunities exist in schools and colleges as part-time or full-time teachers. Private music teachers also do quite well. If money is the consideration, playback singing and ad jingles fetch good money.

Established artistes earn very well by giving concerts. Artistes are now being invited for tours to foreign countries. Apart from the experience, there is good money in foreign concert tours.
Some musicians find music-related jobs as songwriters and even music therapists. Musicians with vast technical knowledge may find an opening in the specialised area of instrument repairs and tuning. They may also find jobs as music critics and disc jockeys. Those who enjoy the business side may become concert managers, music industry executives, and publicists. Some go into the sales and marketing of musical instruments and record store management.
However, lucrative recording deals and a place in the limelight will continue to elude many of even the most gifted artists. As it is often not talent but public relations that guarantee success, talented musicians will have to invent ways of selling themselves and their music to the public. Musicians able to compose, play several instruments, and arrange will find more employment opportunities open to them.

Music as a career option has some limitations. But for those with talent and the right approach will be able to sustain. With the opening up of the entertainment industry the opportunities for musicians today is definitely looking up. There is scope for employment with television, radio and the music industry. Numerous TV dance and singing competitions too have provided employment to many. But there is a possibility that you might have to supplement your income by working as part-time teachers in schools, colleges or institutions.