Job Opportunities and Career Prospects of a System Architect

You will find opportunities in:

* Computer hardware design, development and manufacturing companies like IBM, CISCO System, Hewlett Packard, Apple, etc.

* Operating and system software development companies like Microsoft, Sun, Computer Associates, CISCO Systems, Novel Netware, etc.

* Large-scale application and system software development companies as well as System Consultancy companies like Infosys, Satyam Computer Associates, HCL Infosystem, TCS, etc.

* Companies specialising in e-CRM, Business Intelligence, VLSI, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and other areas of Information technology.

NASSCOM predicts an exponential growth in the software industry at an annual rate of about 60 per cent over the next decade. And software export is growing at a rate of 57 per cent p.a., with future projections pegged at a growth rate of 60 per cent.

All this means, there will be a huge demand for qualified IT professionals over the next decade and beyond. And as a System Architect, you will be in high demand as well.
Moreover the IT industry is a global one with job opportunities in USA, Southeast Asia, Japan, Germany and other countries.