Job Opportunities & Career Prospects - Cinematographers.

Initially you will have to approach cinematographers and directors to show them your work. You must grab any opportunity for hands on experience be it a documentary or a music video.

Cinematographers are employed with production houses that make movies and television serials. You can also approach Films Division for grants to produce documentaries and short films. You can also freelance for advertising commercials and music videos.

But it will be a long winding road before you reach top. You will most certainly start off as an assistant unless your dad's making a movie! You will have to move through the ranks to become a cinematographer and then the ultimate goal - director of photography - the movie's chief Cinematographer.

Later on you can move on to editing and directing on your own.

As your reputation grows, so will your paycheque. If you prove yourself you will be sought after by film stars. If you make them look good, they insist on you being behind the camera. You can then call the shots.

Indian satellite television has proved to be a big boon to cinematographers. With a wide variety of content required for innumerable channels from mega serials and cook shows to short films and documentaries, cinematographers haven't had it so good before. Hollywood too is taking note of Indian talent in this field and it is just a matter of time before cinematography too becomes an export item to the west. You can also jump into direction be it ad films, music videos and movies.