Job Opportunities & Career Prospects - Public Relations Executive?

The most important quality here is your ability to strike the right rapport with whosoever it matters. You got to have good contacts in the media. This will help ward off any negative publicity. That's the reason PR firms prefer people with prior experience in media.

People with good experience in Advertising, Marketing, Corporate communication can also get good jobs. You can even join PR after having a good 10 years of experience in a government department (in a senior officer cadre).

* Large PR firms like Perfect Relations, Good Relations India Ltd., etc.
* PR/Corporate Communication/Corporate Affairs/External Affairs department of large companies
* Independent PR consultants often recruit assistants to help them
* Various government agencies and big NGOs
* Marketing and management consultant organisations and event management firms
* New age Image management/Corporate Identity management firms (in fact the term PR will soon be replaced with Image Management)

Good PR is imperative to create a long lasting brand out of a product. It increases the credibility of a product and hence PR executives have never had it better.

We have both good and bad news here. Though the opportunities for a PR executive are increasing, most PR firms prefer to hire people with prior experience in media, marketing, advertising, and corporate communication.

So it's becoming sort of important to have a good network of known people in media to get the initial break. After all, good PR begins at home!