Monica GellerMar 18, 2011
Dear mam, Can you please tell me where will I be working if I plan to do my CS. Can ...
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Zinc Magnesium - They have to face problems Abroad :
Although Company Secretaries are in great demand in India, in USA, UK and other western countries the profession or the professionals do not find tailor made opportunities. This is because the Company Secretary course is based on the Companies Act 1956, which has its roots in the Indian legal and political system and does not have much relevance outside India. A qualified Company Secretary may however find employment opportunities similar to those available to Business Graduates in either USA, Australia UK or other European countries.
Mar 31, 2011

YoungBuzz Counselor - After completing the CS course you can lookout for varied job opportunities. The following link will give you a detailed explanation of the same:
A person needs to work for a couple of years before starting something of their own.

YoungBuzz Counsellor
Mar 18, 2011

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