Job requirements and career prospect of an Insurance Advisor

An Insurance Advisor needs to exhibit attributes like be conscious of the need for continuing client awareness, assist in the financial planning of each client, show respect, and value the thoughts of the clients. In addition, good communication and a proper understanding of the financial position of the customer is an essential pre-requisite. ‘Investor Comfort’ depends on the following two essentials, the essential of the suitability of each investment for the person and the essential of continuing communication between the Insurance Advisor and the client in question.

To be an Insurance Advisor, minimum qualification is that you need to be a graduate. You also need to have a wide social network, good interpersonal skills, and a keen desire to meet people. A person with work experience in FMCG/Trade/Financial Services/Life insurance or related fields can also enter this profession.

A fresher who is open to being mentored/directed & plan, is also welcome to make a career in the insurance industry. In this field, dynamic and result oriented individuals with an achiever's mindset, suits the profile best of an Insurance Advisor.

This arena indeed, offers an exciting and rewarding business opportunity.

Earnings are on a percentage of the premium as commission, until the time the policies sold by the Advisors are in force. Attractive additional benefits are available for high-performers. It’s true that a highly driven performance determines the income in this occupation. The income is always in direct proportion to the effort one puts in. The compensation received matches up to the level of work and hard labour put in. This means that striving for excellence will yield more than ample financial rewards.

The Insurance Advisors in general, gets to enjoy the below-mentioned benefits:

  • First Year Commissions & Renewal Commission
  • Bonuses
  • Career Allowance

Career Advancement: The Advisors have varied options to choose. They can advance from Insurance field into Agency Management or become a Senior Insurance Advisor, after a few years of proven sales records. Each path leads to a rewarding career.