Zeenat TamanMar 18, 2011
As a Retail manager, is recruiting a part of my job?
YoungBuzz Counselor - A retail manager of a store has the overall responsibility to ensure that the particular store achieves its sales figures. Recruiting the right people, training them, and motivating them then becomes a part of you job. You could have an HR person recruiting for you and reporting to you, but nonetheless you have the overall responsibility for HR Processes also.


YoungBuzz Counsellor
Mar 23, 2011

Zinc Magnesium - Hey..but I thought that Retail manager's work is in various malls and good shops and all.... The profile is about deciding what is to put up in the various departments in the malls or deparmental stores. But what you just spoke about seems more like an HR's profile... So whats the difference...????
Apr 19, 2011

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