Know more about Industrial Training Institutes ( ITI) !!

ITI was established by the Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), Ministry of Labor & Employment, Government of India. Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) offer training in many technical streams. The main aim of an ITI training institute is to provide technical workforce to the fast growing industrial sector of the developed and the developing economy.

Schemes offered by the Industrial Training Institute ( ITI)

Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS):

Apprenticeship program was started in Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in order to standardize the course of training of apprentices in the industry so that it matches with the syllabi and the period of training. Some of the trades included in apprenticeship program are accountancy and auditing, banking, food preservation, dairying, nursing, sericulture, agriculture, plant protection, inland fisheries, photography, physical education etc.

Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS):

Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) was introduced in 1950 by the Ministry of Labor, Government of India by establishing about 50 Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in the country. The aim of starting the same was to provide semi-skilled / skilled workers to industries by providing systematic training to school drop-outs. Some of the important trades in craftsmen training course are electrician, architectural assistant, goldsmith , fitter, firemen, finance executive, firemen, data entry operator etc.

Craftsmen Instructor Training Scheme (CITS):

This training program is meant for improving the standard of engineering trades in Industrial Training Institutes (ITI). Introduction of advanced technology, sharpening the skills of the workforce in order to be at par with the international standard and introducing new and improved syllabi are the important characteristics of this particular training scheme. Electrician & wiremen IT & electronics, fitter group and draftsman mechanic are some of the trades that this scheme includes.

Women Training Scheme (WTS):

Women Training Scheme provides training to women in various fields like craftsmanship, apprenticeship and other related trades. Its main aim is to provide training at advance level for supervisors, industrial workers, foremen etc.

 Apart from these, it also lays down some specific policies and standards of training for carrying out numerous trade tests, awarding certificates and preparing training course.

Advance Vocational Training Scheme (AVTS):

 This particular scheme was started in 1977 with the main aim of updating the skills of the serving industrial workers so that their skills are in  sync with the changing industrial setting. Induction to engineering technology, advanced tool & die making, advanced welding, advanced refrigerate air conditioning, electrical maintenance, electronics maintenance, heat engines, hydraulics & pneumatic, , industrial chemistry, machine tool maintenance etc. are some of the training programs  that this vocational course covers.

These are the various schemes offered by the Industrial Training Institutes ( ITI). You can select the one that suits you and embark on a great career ahead.