Life as a Reiki Practitioner

I got into Reiki quite by accident. Actually, I accompanied my wife and cousin who were doing a course in Reiki. I did the course just for the sake of knowing the technique.

It was a pleasure to just sit back and receive reiki the first time. You feel very relaxed. Within 5-10 minutes of receiving Reiki you go into a deep state of relaxation. After 15-20 minutes it feels as if you are fast asleep but at the same you are aware of the happenings around you. It's a very refreshing feeling. In the process minor pains like headache, backache, knee pains are relieved.

Reiki has brought in me a greater sense of responsibility and calmness. It has benefited me individually as well as my married life. My attitude towards life, personality and my ability to tackle problems has gone through a lot of changes after Reiki. Most of all, I learnt how beautiful life is once you are overcome by gratitude.

How is Reiki different from other healing systems?
Reiki is very simple to learn and is very smooth. During the phase of transformation, the person does not experience any discomfort unlike in the other healing systems.

Moreover, you could use it for both personal growths as well as for the betterment of others. In fact, our visits to doctor has been cut down considerably ever since my family has been introduced to Reiki.

I have conducted hundreds of workshop with students, elders, youth, disabled and terminally ill patients. I have been in this field for six years now. The high point is when I see young students and children walk in for the course.

It is very gratifying to see changes happening to students and young children in the workshop. They walk out as a totally different person with renewed interest in their selves. Reiki just transforms their entire being.

They are lucky to be introduced to beautiful things in life at the early stage and reap more benefits. I wish even I had the same luck. I envy them.

What are the different stages in learning Reiki?
The first three levels focus on your personal and spiritual growth. In all the three levels you only learn to use it yourself. However, in the fourth stage the focus is totally on teaching. There is no personal gain here. You are taught to be selfless.

I would highly recommend a gap of minimum six months between the four levels. This way you get to experience the changes that take place once your body gets accustomed to this high level of energy.

Can Reiki be used to cause harm?
No, Reiki cannot cause any harm since it can only be administered with a sense of gratitude. Here gratitude is the most important thing.

The energy used in Reiki is the natural energy found in the Universe. Our body energy forms a miniscule part of this powerful energy. The energy always flows from up to down and not in any other way.

The person who is administering Reiki is just an instrument, passing on the Universal energy to the recipient. The energy is always positive and passed on with gratitude. Their attitude towards life, perspective, mood, thought do not effect the Reiki process.

Is there a flip side to Reiki?
Not that I know of. With exposure to Reiki all the mental and physical blocks in our system surface. Not all of us can pass through the block. Invariably, people try to switch over to other systems of healing like the Art of Living, Yoga, Vipasana, Pranic Healing, etc. Even here they keep on switching to other healing systems when they come across any blocks. Instead, they should continue to do Reiki or the other healing systems and try overcoming the blocks.

What kind people do you usually encounter?
I get people from all ages and fields coming in for reiki. This includes students who want to get rid of their anxiety, perform better in studies, get good jobs, examination preparations, etc.

I also have people suffering from personal problems or terminal illness coming for reiki. There are business entrepreneurs who seek Reiki for success in their projects or to recover from losses.

These days there are numerous of cases of wife battering, lady abused by in-laws, sexually abused women and other problems. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to help solve such problems. With continuous Reiki therapy such problems can be solved.

Do you see any change in terms of people enrolling for the course?
Previously, people used to come for the course just for the heck of it - to make it a discussion topic in parties. But now you have more people who seek personal and spiritual enhancement through Reiki.

Usually, it's like the case of visiting Shirdi. It is said that you get to go to Shirdi only when your time comes. I believe the same goes for learning Reiki. When you are destined to learn Reiki automatically you land up at the right place with the best master.

What do you attribute the sudden craze for Reiki?
I won't attribute Reiki's popularity to sudden craze but to increased awareness. Of course you have the advertisements and articles on Reiki in magazines and newspapers adding to its popularity.