Medical Colleges in Patna

Are you searching for the top medical colleges in Patna? Given below is the list of the top five medical colleges in Patna. Study hard for the medical entrance test. If you are lucky, you may become a proud student of one of these top medical colleges in Patna.

List of Top Medical Colleges in Patna

Patna Medical College

Patna Medical College (PMC) was founded in 1925 as Prince of Wales Medical College when the college was ranked 6th in undivided India. In 1925, only 35 students were admitted annually but at present, 100 students are admitted in each batch on the basis of competitive examinations. This college has the distinction of starting post-graduate medical education in India. This big step was taken in 1932 and at present, there are 317 excellent post-graduate scholars in degree course and 114 in diploma course in this institution. It ranks 1st among the top medical colleges in Patna.

Government Pharmacy Institute

The Govt. Pharmacy Institute was founded in 1958 by the Health Department,Govt. of Bihar. It is a leading pharmacy institution with D.Pharm and B.Pharm programs with the objective of generating technical manpower in pharmacy in Bihar in particular and in the country in general.

Government pharmacy institute ranks 2nd among the top medical colleges in Patna.

Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences

Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) Patna was founded in 1983 as an autonomous organization on the pattern of All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi. The institute was started for achieving various objectives related to health and medical research in the state. The institute has been providing medical education to the students of Bihar and also conducting health and medicinal research programs since its inception.

Nalanda Medical College

In 1970, Nalanda Medical College was founded by Dr. Vijay Narayain Singh Dr. Madhusudan Das & Dr. Shailendra Kumar Sinha along with Krishna Kant Singh, the ex-education minister of Bihar.  

In 1978, it became a government-run medical college and was recognized by Medical Council of India. Since then, the number of seats has been reduced and the candidates are selected by various state and central govt. competitive examinations. It ranks 4th among the top medical colleges in Patna.

Women’s Training College

Besides other courses, Women's Training College also offers nursing programs for women.

During the counseling session, you can select your favorite college from the list of top medical colleges in Patna. However, in order to do this,you need to get through the medical entrance test and fulfill other admission criteria too.