Suresh WadkarJun 20, 2011
i am a final year B.sc student. Does this profession pay well? pls advice on how I can start to be a...
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Monica Geller - There are certificate courses to become a MT given by various institutes. Or rather since this is a BPO type of job in India, you can join any MT BPO and they would in turn train you for the same.
Jun 25, 2011

Monica Geller - Just thought of sharing this as well with everybody since I know of somebody who works as a MT. Sometimes people assume transcriptionist's job is just mechanical typing work, but in reality a Medical Transcriptionist requires plenty of Medical knowledge. He will need to refer a lot of medical books or electronic dictionaries like the Stedman's, Quick look, English Dictionaries, and all possible medical reference books. He will need to use his listening skills. He will need to use his intelligence in determining what doctor means as the doctors will not be available to clarify the medical terminology he used. Hence medical transcriptionists are sometimes called as Medical Language Specialists just to point out that it is not a simple job that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do.
Jun 25, 2011

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