My daughter study in 9 standard in DPS school. Till 7th standard, she was very good at study where she used to get 80 plus mark.

Dear Mrs Amita,

With the growing amount of competition, we certainly do understand your concern for your daughters career. Things like cell phones, play stations etc have become major distractors in todays age and are causing a huge obstacle in childrens studies.
Its very difficult as parents to refute to child's demand and at the same time have to face such kind of repurcussions too.

Nevertheless, we will be able to help you know your daughters career orientation in terms of her interest,aptitudes and personality. Its just that your daughter has to take the test online and she will get her reports. She can log on to

It will also give you an idea as to how the report will look like. Even you can surely go through this and understand howit works. She can come down and meet our counselors perconally too for further queries.

Hope this answers you query. Feel free to write back for further queries.