My son is in 10th. class, I am preparing to choose the field in which you are interested, but he is not clear which field to sel

I understand your apprehensions about your son's career being a parent.

While your son might feel that he is not ready to make a final career choice, you as a parent can help him explore many different professions/occupations. Since many kids are only aware of the small number of occupations to which they are exposed, for eg; dentist,doctor,engineer,teacher and whatever it is their parents and relatives do, exploring their options is a great way to get them to realize there are many options available to them.

There are many ways to explore occupations and parents are a key component in helping their children with this process.
You can simply ask you kid to log on to http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/career-options  for different careers,their scope,remuneration,career map,benefits etc. But while you do that make sure you are not forcing your opinions on them, and in turn not discouraging them from exploring.

Secondly, only gathering career information wont be sufficient, but you and your son will also need to know his interest, aptitude and personality in a particular career.

In order to know this he can give the career test on http://www.youngbuzz.com/career-assessment/role-assessment-career-counselling

The test will help you and your son understand his interests (likes/dislikes), aptitudes (strengths/development areas in terms of his aptitudes) and personality (work values).

After giving the test a report will be generated which will also have the career recommendations, given by the YoungBuzz career counselors. Further if you wish,you can also come in for a one-on-one session with the counselors.

This will surely help your son make an informed career decision.

Hope this helps