Rakhi PanditMar 13, 2011
How is Electronic Journalism different from a normal Journalist?
YoungBuzz Counselor - Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items.
Journalism is classified into two on the basis of media-
(i) Print Journalism and
(ii) Electronic (Audio/Visual) Journalism.

Print Journalism includes newspapers, magazines and journals. In print journalism one can work as editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents etc.

Electronic journalism includes working for Radio, Television and the Web. In the web, skilled people are required to maintain sites by web newspapers (which cater only to the web and do not have print editions) and popular newspapers and magazines that have their own web editions. In electronic journalism one can be a reporter, writer, editor, researcher, correspondent and anchor.

YoungBuzz Counsellor
Apr 04, 2011

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