Zinc MagnesiumJun 24, 2011
Our insurance agent is not even a graduate. But he is a very old and wise man. Does one have to be a...
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Aarushi Sharma - these days we face tough competition...more colleges....more courses....but many many times more determined students.

then it will be difficult to get it. nowadays even graduates dont get jobs easily and as per my knowledge for a good job u have to be a graduate....post graduate gets better jobs...n MBA ki toh chandi hi chandi....i shud say sona hi sona...
Jun 24, 2011

Ybcounsellor - @zinc0287 : There is no doubt that every profession is all about experience. But in today's competitive world its important that you at least get a graduation in your hand. Also specializing in the field can help to grow vertically in any organisation once you start working. You now have a Bachelors in banking and insurance available. Also a lot insurance companies themselves provide training now a days. So one should surely take at least a graduation in hand.

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YoungBuzz Counsellor
Jun 27, 2011

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