pls guide me affter 12 th of my daughter, she is interested medicine. Any other course for immediate job. In which Degree good i

We understand your concern for your daughter given the fact that there are so many career options and so much of competition these days. While helping your child make a career decision its very important to know the level of awareness that he/she has
about the available career options. Let her explore different careers by reading through the information online or attending the career fairs etc.

Thats one bit. But the other very important aspect about being aware is 'to be aware about oneself' i.e. in terms of interests,aptitudes and the personality. In order to make a wiser career decision its mandatory that one knows what one likes/dislikes, what are ones potentials and what is his/her personality like.Its very easy to get to know this. Your daughter can give the career tests available online. Log on to

This will help you know more about how the tests will held your daughter and also check a sample report as to how your daughter's career test report would look like.

Once the test is given the report is generated along with the best suitable career options for her.

While talking about her interest in medicine its not only MBBS that she can consider but certainly she can look at paramedical fields too like speech therapy,physiotherapy,occupational therapy etc which are in demand these days.

You can ask your daughter to log on to http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/career-options for all kinds of careers and their details.

Hope this helps.