Prelim Marks Enough for Admissions

Stuents did not wait for their ICSE results:

ISC, IB schools took students based on their preliminary marks. Following the education department's consent, many coaching classes have become full-fledged colleges. While the ICSE results were declared on Tuesday, they did not hold much charm for some city students.

Branching out from conventional mainstream colleges, this group of students has already secured admissions in ISC (Indian Secondary Certificate) and IB schools, based on their preliminary marks. Also, many students are choosing new junior colleges which have been started by private coaching classes, instead of joining mainstream colleges.

Students think such colleges prepare them better for competitive exams like IIT JEE. Most of the international schools in the city had already completed their admission process, even before the results were declared.

In the ISC schools admission is based on your past three years' academic records and preliminary marks. Similarly, for admissions to IB curriculum students require to pass the entrance test and an interview. After taking provisional admission students are enjoying an extended vacation, as the school begins only in mid August.

Also an increasing number of students seem to be attracted to colleges which have been newly started by private coaching classes. Last year, the education department had allowed many coaching classes to branch out into full-fledged colleges. There is growing demand for such colleges.

Source: DNA India – 19th May, 2011